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Senior Driver, Abuja


Grade: G3  

Vacancy no.: ABUJA/DC/GS/2019/02
Publication date: 08 February 2019
Application deadline (midnight local time): 25 February 2019


Job ID: 1049 
Department: RO-Africa 
Organization Unit: CO-Abuja 
Location: Abuja   
Contract type: Fixed Term 

Contract duration:  


Under article 4.2, paragraph (e) of the Staff Regulations, the filling of vacancies in technical cooperation projects does not fall under Annex I of the Staff Regulations and is made by direct selection by the Director-General.


In order to support the best informed process in the filling of the above-mentioned vacancy by direct selection, the ILO invites interested candidates to submit their application online by the above date.


The following are eligible to apply:

  • ILO Internal candidates in accordance with paragraphs 31 and 32 of Annex I of the Staff Regulations.
  • External candidates*

*The recruitment process for General Service positions is subject to specific local recruitment criteria. The ILO may only offer a contract to persons who have a valid residency status and work permit in xxxxxxxxxx.


Technical cooperation appointments are not expected to lead to a career in the ILO and they do not carry any expectation of renewal or conversion to any other type of appointment in the Organization. A one-year fixed-term contract will be given. Extensions of technical cooperation contracts are subject to various elements including the following: availability of funds, continuing need of the functions and satisfactory conduct and performance.


*Conditions of employment for external candidates: In conformity with existing ILO practice, the appointment of an external candidate will normally be made at the first step of this grade. The entry level salary for this position is xxxxxxx (currency) yearly.


The position will be located in the ILO Country Office in Abuja. The main objectives of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Africa are to promote rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogue on work-related issues.

The project is centrally managed by the ILO Regional Office in Africa. The ROAF has overall political and management responsibilities for the promotion of ILO principles, policies and decent work priorities in the region as well as provides strategic guidance and support to all country offices and Decent Work Technical Support Teams (DWTs) in Africa. Furthermore, the ROAF is responsible for promoting collaboration on decent work issues with continental institutions like the African Union, African Development Bank and United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. The main objectives of the ILO in Africa are to promote rights at work, encourage decent employment opportunities, enhance social protection and strengthen dialogue on work-related issues.


Africa’s population is rising the fastest. The pressure to provide decent work opportunities for new labour market entrants will be particularly acute in Africa. The ILO in the region has given priority to promoting employment in the rural and informal economies, and underscored the need for action to tackle youth unemployment. Building the capacity of its constituents to contribute more effectively to the achievement of equitable and inclusive growth is a major urgency.

The Driver will work on the “Accelerating action for the elimination of child labour in Africa” project. This four year project has the overarching goal to accelerate the elimination of child labour in Africa, through targeted actions in selected supply chains in Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, Malawi, Mali, Nigeria and Uganda. It will address child labour in a multi-country and multi-sectoral approach, enhancing synergies and developing innovative and evidence-based solutions in contexts where more than one prominent driver of child labour coexist. The outcome of the project will go beyond the targeted countries, thus benefiting the whole region through the promotion of partnerships and knowledge sharing.

Description of Duties

  1. Drive office vehicles for official purposes;
  2. Collect and deliver mail, pouch or documents for the project;
  3. Responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the project vehicle, (check oil, water, battery, brakes, tires, etc.), perform minor repairs and arrange for other repairs, and ensure that the vehicle is kept clean;
  4. Keep records of use of vehicle, daily mileage, gas consumption, oil changes, greasing and other services;
  5. Ensure that the steps required by rules and regulations are taken in case of involvement in accident;
  6. Ensure timely arrangements in case major repairs of the assigned vehicle are needed;
  7. Ensure that all required documents including vehicle insurance, logs, fitness are available and updated;
  8. Ensure that all required supplies, such as the first aid kit, fire extinguisher, radios and required spare parts are in working condition;
  9. Provide inter-office collection and delivery of mail, correspondence, files, documents and other material related to the project;
  10. Pack material received for dispatch, affix labels, insert material in envelopes and stamp outgoing mail for the project;
  11. Prepare sets of documents for meetings related to the project;
  12. Help project team with logistics such as arranging meetings, travel plans, managing project stationaries and documentation for the project;
  13. Perform other related duties as required as may be assigned by his/her supervisor.


Required qualifications


Completion of Primary School education, Certificate in Record Keeping, valid driving licence, knowledge of driving rules and regulations and skills in minor vehicle repair.


Four years’ work experience as a driver with a safe driving record.


Fluency in English is required. A working knowledge of relevant local language is an added advantage




Recruitment process


Please note that all candidates must complete an on-line application form. To apply, please visit the ILO Jobs website. The system provides instructions for online application procedures.


Fraud warning


The ILO does not charge any fee at any stage of the recruitment process whether at the application, interview, processing or training stage. Messages originating from a non ILO e-mail account - - should be disregarded. In addition, the ILO does not require or need to know any information relating to the bank account details of applicants.